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As a private sector provider of services to adolescents and adults who have exhibited sexually problematic, compulsive, abusive and/or illegal sexual behaviors, RSA is committed to the goal of reducing sexual victimization in our community.

Since 1983, RSA has been a leader in the field of Offense Specific Evaluation and Treatment, and remains fully committed to playing a major role in developing and refining effective treatment.  RSA assists clients to understand and manage their sexual behavior in a professional environment where they are treated with dignity and respect, as well as being held accountable.  RSA treatment services, as well as the variety of specialized programs offered, provide the means of individualizing the treatment plan of each of our clients based upon their unique risk factors and treatment needs.

Sex offense specific treatment differs from more traditional mental health therapy in two important respects.  Those differences involve the need for client accountability in treatment and the lack of traditional confidentiality in court ordered offense specific treatment.  The development of a therapeutic relationship between a client and his or her therapist in the RSA treatment program is the foundation upon which true treatment gains are maximized.  Without meaningful treatment gains, a client’s ability to manage their offense behavior, its triggers, and to achieve improved mental health and emotional functioning is severely inhibited. To achieve the goal of developing and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship with each agency client, professionalism, specialized skills, extensive training and experience, respect for the dignity of each client, understanding, compassion, and the ability to maintain client accountability are attributes possessed by all agency staff.

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