group treatment roomRSA views sexual offending as behavior that may be, but is not always, repetitive in nature.  In some but not all cases, a sexual behavior problem may be cyclical and compulsive in nature.  Therefore, there is a continuing risk that some adults who have committed sexual offenses may reoffend.    However, that does not mean that all adults who have committed sexual offenses will reoffend.  RSA believes that with effective treatment, supervision, and self management, a client can internalize changes that may reduce the likelihood to re-offense.  To adequately and effectively address the complex and multi-dimensional nature of sexual behavior problems, a combination of specialized treatment tracts, modalities and approaches are utilized.

RSA offers specialized treatment programs for:

  • Male and female adolescents exhibiting sexually problematic, abusive or illegal behavior
  • Male and female adults exhibiting sexually problematic, compulsive, abusive, or illegal behavior

RSA offers specialized treatment tracks for:

  • Female offenders
  • Developmentally Delayed offenders
  • Special Needs offenders
  • Young Adult offenders
  • Adolescent offenders
  • Senior offenders
  • Compulsive offenders
  • Technology based and/or Electronic (hands off) offenders
  • Child Pornography offenders
  • DOC offenders (provided by DOC Approved Treatment Providers)
  • Higher risk offenders requiring increased levels of containment and accountability
  • Sexual boundaries training
  • Sexual harassment awareness and prevention
  • Approved Supervisors (meets SOMB criteria for Approved Supervisor training) and Approved Community Support Persons
  • Parent education classes and support group
  • Support groups for spouses and significant others
  • EMDR for issues of victimization and other traumas
  • DOC specialized  treatment tracks focused on continuity of care provided by DOC Approved Treatment Providers
  • Integration Based Stress Removal (IBSR) for supplemental treatment for emotional-regulation
  • Client-led  voluntary support groups

RSA utilizes a variety of treatment modalities and approaches to assist its clients to successfully achieve identified treatmenttreatment goals.  These include group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, marital counseling, and support groups for parents, spouses and significant others.  RSA encourages the involvement of parents, spouses and significant others in the treatment of its clients, as they provide our clients with valuable pro social support and increased accountability.

RSA’s treatment approach for adolescents and adults is eclectic in nature, utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach that research has shown to be the most effective therapeutic intervention for sexual behavior problems and with people who have engaged in inappropriate, abusive, harmful and or illegal sexual behavior.  Our specialized treatment approaches are risk responsive and include psycho-educational, cognitive, behavioral, and process oriented components.  Treatment is tailored to the unique and individual needs of each client based on an individualized treatment plan in conjunction with an appropriate placement in one of the specialized programs offered by RSA.  In addition to being sex offense specific, the treatment services offered by RSA are designed to assist the client in the development of a healthy sense of self-esteem, and to enhance the client’s overall mental and emotional well being.  Good self-esteem, as well as good mental and emotional health, are necessary elements of an effective treatment plan, the ultimate goal of which is a pro social lifestyle absent sexually problematic, compulsive, and or illegal behavior.  Building upon a client’s strengths and encouraging pro social attitudes, behaviors and activities are integral components of RSA’s overall treatment philosophy.